Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A year in review...

We thought it would be nice to recap some of the positive neighborhood activities that have taken place since last year. Below you can see, by the numbers, all of the great things that have been organized from March 2010-March 2011!

1. Held 12 neighborhood meetings attended by 241 people. This represents 105 different neighbors who attended meetings with an average attendance of 21 at each neighborhood meeting. Some people attended 1 meeting, some people attended all 12.

2. Held 10 potlucks at 10 different neighbor’s homes between July and March and have three additional potlucks planned!

3. Held a block party on May 22nd on Primitive St (75+ neighbors attended- Free DJ, Bike Co-op Mobile Bike Clinic, and food!)

4. Hosted a Halloween Parade, costume and candy distribution, and movie on October 31st (27 free costumes distributed, 16 free bags of candy & treats, 75+ neighbors participating in the parade and trick or treat)

5. Hosted a home tour on November 6th that 100 non-neighbors (and many neighbors) attended and our neighbors opened their homes.

6. Sang Christmas Carols and Holiday songs for our elderly neighbors on Christmas Eve. Thirteen neighbors sang for ten different families.

7. Held three energy efficiency workshops with Clean Energy Durham.

1. Built a dog fence for Star (January)
2. Won a Keep Durham Beautiful Plant Grant in March and planted 13 trees, 40 bushes, and hundreds of flowers throughout the neighborhood.
3. Created rules and priorities for spending money
4. Established the Underemployed Neighbors Fund
a. Utilized this fund once (5 individuals paid for their work on Oakwood Park)
5. Built and installed a Community Message Board in Oakwood Park (May-June)
6. Submitted a petition to extend the local historic district (June)
7. Held three workshops to create a neighborhood design (August- October)
8. Cleaned- up Oakwood Park on October 2nd with 12 volunteers from Duke, 20 volunteering neighbors, and 5 neighbors utilizing the Underemployed Neighbors Fund.
9. Partnering with Independent Animal Rescue ~15 feral cats and kittens have been altered and released or adopted.
10. Working together we have found new homes for many stray dogs.
11. Built two more fences for dogs.

Still in the works!
1. Received permission to garden vacant city lots
2. Monitoring local planning decisions and downtown re-zoning
3. Monitoring proposed changes to Alston Avenue
4. Setting up a neighborhood watch
5. Clean up of Goose Creek scheduled for March 26th (meet at 500 block Canal St)

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Freddie said...

That's awesome guys! Keep up the good work!

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