Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Walls make for Good.... Leg Muscles?

Elaine and Doug, who recently bought 407 Ottawa Ave., have something interesting going on in their backyard. It involves lots of stomping, and a good, healthy amount of messiness.

Cob walls, (cob is an English term for mud building, originated in Britain in the fourteenth century), are eco-friendly as well as incredibly durable and safe. Greg, Elaine's brother, probably describes the process best:

Stop by and meet our new neighbors, and check out an awesome green building project right here in our own neighborhood. Welcome, Elaine and Doug!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat! It's Cleveland-Hollow'een!

The countdown to Halloween has begun! Here are some details you should know for Saturday events.
Hand out candy! - If you plan to hand out candy, please come by the purple house on Oakwood on Saturday to pick up a balloon and some string. We are asking that people tie balloons to their porches or fence so that the kids know which houses are handing out candy. A group of us will also be going around door to door, but if you're on the listserv (and I know who you are...) we are going to skip your house so that we can move more quickly through the hood.
Get dressed! - The Halloween costume parade will start at the corner of Oakwood and Carlton at 5:30pm. Come march down Oakwood or provide cheers for the brave souls all decked out in their Halloween finest. Old timers recount tales of the costume parade of yore and the planning group thought it would be fun to revive the tradition this year. We are also seeking musicians (talent optional) to lead the parade. If you have an instrument - voice included - come on and use it!
Trick or Treat! - from 6:00-8:00 pm children should be swarming the streets begging candy of you. There may be eight kids, there may be eighty kids. Keep an eye on the streets and make Halloween safe and fun for everybody!
Movies! - At 8:00pm we will show "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on the front of the purple house. We have a projector and sound all ready. We even have scary mugs for drinking cider and hot cocoa. Depending on interest, we will then play The Corpse Bride for neighbors who want to sit on the lawn and watch a longer movie.
That's it! Spread the word! If you know of children who still need costumes, send them to the purple house. Through the generosity of neighbors and co-workers we still have a ton of costumes and costume making supplies.

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