Monday, March 30, 2020

Mutual Aid - Cleveland Holloway Style

Cleveland Holloway Mutual Aid 

Cleveland-Holloway Mutual Aid Network

We’re a group of neighbors who are coming together as a response to the coronavirus. None of us know what its impact will be or how we will fare, but we know that as a community, we can support each other through these times. This is why we're working to organize a Mutual Aid Network here in Cleveland-Holloway, and we’d love to you to be part of it too.

Mutual aid is people helping people through solidarity, not charity. We can help each other. We can be helped by each other. The first step is getting to know who we are individually and as communities so that we can see what we can do together as a neighborhood.

Here’s how you can contact the Cleveland-Holloway Mutual Aid network directly:

ph# / text:     919-205-0311
online Google Form:

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Anonymous said...

An organization called Southern Vision Alliance is offering $500 grants to community organizations, groups, and individuals providing mutual aid and front line support during this time. Visit to apply

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