Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Star Runs Free

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to help unchain Star; whether you gave funds towards her shots and fence materials, came out and sweated laying ground wire or twisting fence ties, or otherwise showed your support, Star and her owners are incredibly grateful. Here are some photos:

Eleni tamps down a post...

Dante gets a kiss of thanks...

Robert has a pensive moment...

Morgan shows off what a big baby Star is...

Dante, Matt, andee and Dylan learn about reinforcing corners (correction: Matt tells me they were learning about hog-tying the ground wire, which keeps Star from digging out)...

Mike works on the gate...

andee and Dylan twist the metal ties...

The crew lays straw for dry flooring...

...and she's FREE!

Playing with Syba of Queen Street...

...and with Cleveland of Mallard Ave.

Sorry for the delay on the video... as soon as we locate Jennifer's Flip, we'll get it online! That's the trouble with moving, even just across the street... things go missing for a while.

Most of all.... thanks to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, whose work decreases the physical and emotional pain of hundreds of innocent dogs. Renee did a great job leading the build, and everyone who came out was cheery and hard-working. Cleveland-Holloway and Star thank you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

(Do) Fence Me In - UPDATED

Meet Star. Next Saturday - January 23rd (update: at 10am) - is going to be a big day for her.

Star lives on Oakwood Ave., and is one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever hope to meet. Unfortunately, the chain link on her small pen is pretty messed up, so in order to keep her from escaping, her owners have had her on a chain, which often gets tangled up, restricting her movement, or winds up wrapped painfully around her legs.

Just this month, Durham has put an ordinance into effect that bans dog owners from chaining their dogs unless they are outside with them. This means fewer isolated, depressed, and dangerous chained dogs. But the law can be tough for people who have dogs but not enough money to build them a proper fence to run around in.

Fortunately, there is an incredible group that acts in response to this issue: Coalition to Unchain Dogs. Their goals:
  1. Lobbying for legislation which disallows or severely restricts tethering of dogs.
  2. Building free fences for people who chain their dogs.
  3. Educating the community about the detrimental effects of chaining on both the dog and the community.
  4. Helping groups around the country to start free-fencing programs and to lobby for legislation to help chained dogs.
The Coalition has already helped one family in our neighborhood unchain their three dogs (if you're on Facebook, check out the photos to see the incredible transition in their behavior when they were finally freed from their chains).

But back to Star.

When the Coalition to Unchain Dogs met Star, they got right to work, and today several volunteers came out to set the posts for her fence, which will be built next Saturday, January 23, at 10am. Mike, Renee, Jessica, and Robin knocked the post-setting right out, with some help from James and Matt.

Come and join us next weekend, Saturday 1/23, at 10am, to participate in the fence-build!

She is going to be one happy dog. Thanks so much to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs for the wonderful work that you do. Please visit their website to see some of the videos of recently unchained dogs... and, if you can, make a donation to support the cause.

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