Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Tour to be held November 6th

The residents of Cleveland + Holloway are ready to invite you over.

Our 3rd Home Tour will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, November 6th.

Come see what all the fuss is about.


Liz Dean said...

I will be there! It's a wonderful neighborhood and I hope to see friends there next Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Where do we come? is there more complete information? i'm new to the neighborhood and would love to check it out!


Anonymous said...

How many houses are there? What are the addresses? Are they within walking distance of eachother? Where do you get tickets? Is there a charge? What time are the tours open?

Cleveland Holloway Neighborhood said...

There will be approximately 20 homes on the tour. The first house on the Tour is 501 Oakwood. Stop here first and you can get a tour booklet of all the homes. The tour is free, but we're hoping for $5 donations to help cover costs and fund raise for neighborhood projects.

And everything is within walking distance, no more than a couple very short city blocks between homes.

Hope you can join us!

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