Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mallard Ave has C-U-T-E in the house!

or in the woodpile, anyway.

Okay, so cat overpopulation and homelessness is no chuckling matter--certainly not in C-H.
Nor is it a joke when a local un-neutered feline gets up on your porch and sprays the inside of your umbrella!

But--these little guys are freakin' adorable.
No two ways about it.
Tyler has been feeding and caring for the litter and mom, and has potential homes for three of the six kittens so far. Neighbors have stepped up and volunteered to pay to have mom and dad fixed. Two down, a countless number to go.

-posted by Jennifer


Unknown said...

Oh and if you want one of these adorable little creatures just email me at

Wendy said...

If you all need help with the spay/neuter of the cats- we have a non-profit in the John O'Daniel Exchange that has the $20 spay/neuter fix. They have been able to help eliminate euthanisa at shelters in other states.
Beth Livingstone
Executive Director, AnimalKind
(THE $20 FIX & ReTails Thrift Shop)


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