Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dillard Street Profiles: Meet our Neighbors

Keelee's Casa

Dillard, formerly known as Mansion Row, is a part of the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood. Pictured here is a Victorian home circa 1890 owned by Keelee since 2005. Prior to Keelee, a prominent Durham mayor, Charles Markham, resided here.
She is presently at work restoring the home and has planted a garden and flowers outside. When not at work on her home, she is busy here: http://www.renaissancenc.com/about.html.

Crisis Response Center
Also on Dillard is the restored Crisis Response Center.

On Dillard and Liberty you will also find the Durham branch of ABC's Channel 11 news. I met someone recently who touted this as one of the benefits of the neighborhood. I suppose it is handy if you have breaking news such as a hail storm forthcoming or a flood in your front yard, but otherwise, I've (personally) had little interaction with the station.

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