Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet your Neighbors - Justin Clapp & Joseph Lee

Please meet Justin Clapp & Joseph Lee of 401 N. Elizabeth Street.

An illustration of Justin (l) and Joseph (r) that was originally used as their save-the-date card.  They were married in May, 2011.  Ruby and Jasper are pictured as well.  

How did you hear about Cleveland-Holloway?
We found the neighborhood blog as we were looking for a home to buy. We were attracted by a couple property listings and fell in love with our home. 

What attracted you to the neighborhood?
Walkability, SEEDS, lovely homes, great people and a feel that cannot be described.
A favorite hobby(s)?
Working in our yard, reading and Justin likes to paint
What famous person are you commonly mistaken for?
Justin: Queen Latifah; Joseph: Justin Timberlake. Really, neither of us get mistaken for someone famous.
Cheetohs. Crunchy? or Puffy?
Joseph: (and organic to be extra "crunchy"); Justin: Puffy (and organic)
Two Cats: Ruby and Jasper
Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Bake Bread, read a book or have people over for gamesFavorite song, quote, book, or other?
Joseph has been gleefully reading trashy vampire novels and Justin loves a good fantasy novel.
A country recently visited OR would like to visit? 
In May, we went on our honeymoon to Iceland (everyone should go), but Joseph wants to go to New Zealand and Justin wants to see Vietnam.
Favorite thing about the Bull City?
We both love to eat, so we enjoy the food scene because of the varied experiences and community surrounding our restaurants.
Any home projects on the horizon?
How about a rainwater management system? Ok, so we're putting in gutters and doing more gardening.
Joseph & Justin on the front porch of their new home.
Welcome to the neighborhood!

PS:  If there are new neighbors you'd like to see featured in Meet the Neighbors, please shoot an email with their contact information to Adrian.

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