Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Downtown Dog Park: Pre-Grand Opening Affordable Vaccine Party

We’re very excited to be the neighborhood hosting the first ever Downtown Durham Dog Park!

One of the missions of opening the park was to reach out to neighbors who have dogs but might not be able to afford appropriate vaccines or the tags to gain admission into the dog park.* 
 To this end, we’re going to offer a raffle award package for two neighbors at our "pre-"grand opening this weekend:  all required vaccinations and the tag expenses paid (value = ~$70 each) . We do not want to make this too cumbersome administratively – but the target recipients would be folks who probably cannot afford the vaccinations/tags.   

We have gone door-to-door to individuals in our neighborhood with dogs, offering them a flyer with information about the free raffle. The raffle will be held on 8/20 at 10:00 am, and participants will be asked to bring the flyer we gave them.  Winners will be announced at 10:30 am, and of course will need to be present!  Even if folks do not win, they can gain access to helpful information that will be on hand from the Animal Protection Society of Durham, who will be at the 8/20 event.

Please share this with any neighbors you think might be interested and would enjoy use of the dog park.

Here is more information about all the events:

Thanks for your support!

* Durham Parks & Rec requires vaccinations in order to purchase a dog park use tag (see: http://www.durhamnc.gov/departments/parks/dog_park_fees.cfm) and gain access to the park.

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