Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Downtown Durham Dog Park Clean-Up

A group of Cleveland-Holloway neighbors spent last Saturday mowing, weeding, mulching, digging, building, shoveling, mixing, and more--to help get us that much closer to the opening of the Downtown Durham Dog Park (DDDP) on what was up until recently a vacant, city-owned lot at the corner of Roxboro and Elliot.

The Durham News just did a nice article about the park, which will open as soon as signs have been installed. Check out the DDDP's Facebook Page and remember that before visiting the park, you will need to obtain a tag for your dog, issued by the City. Contact Durham Parks and Rec for more information.

A HUGE thanks to all the neighbors who dreamed this, stuck with it, and made it happen, and to our awesome partners, City of Durham Parks and Rec, and Keep Durham Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Very cute video! I especially like the ending with the dog playing with the freshly thrown balls!

dog parks said...

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