Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...Aaaand We're Back!

Hi folks! Sorry for the, er, brief disappearance. The wonderful people who got this blog on its feet, and who contributed the great previous entries, have been just a little busy: Eleni with an amazing cross-country tour with her band, Beloved Binge, and Natalie, well... she's had other people to think about - our newest Cleveland-Holloway resident, Madeline, born February 2.

But that DOESN'T mean, for those of you reading this blog from outside the neighborhood, that we've all packed up and moved on, or mysteriously disappeared! In fact, there's never a dull moment in Cleveland-Holloway, with several old houses finally getting some love from new owners, spontaneous cookouts and gatherings throughout the winter, and new downtown hangouts in easy walking distance. Check out the new links to some of our neighbors' blogs, and watch for design changes and new neighbor profiles, brought to you by Jennifer and myself. Among the new updates: photography and audio clips!

We're planning on another Cleveland-Holloway Home Tour sometime in May or June, so if anyone has a home they'd like to be included, send out an email to the listserv. Also let us know of any dates that WON'T work. So far, there's been talk of live music, a certain airstream trailor selling cupcakes, and other merriment.

So thanks for sticking around, friends and neighbors! We'll be back soon with a brand new profile.

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Porch Life Productions said...

Awesome! So glad you are taking care of this site. We miss Cleveland-Holloway a lot.

--Eleni (writing from a rest stop near Amarillo, TX)

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