Monday, March 30, 2020

Mutual Aid - Cleveland Holloway Style

Cleveland Holloway Mutual Aid 

Cleveland-Holloway Mutual Aid Network

We’re a group of neighbors who are coming together as a response to the coronavirus. None of us know what its impact will be or how we will fare, but we know that as a community, we can support each other through these times. This is why we're working to organize a Mutual Aid Network here in Cleveland-Holloway, and we’d love to you to be part of it too.

Mutual aid is people helping people through solidarity, not charity. We can help each other. We can be helped by each other. The first step is getting to know who we are individually and as communities so that we can see what we can do together as a neighborhood.

Here’s how you can contact the Cleveland-Holloway Mutual Aid network directly:

ph# / text:     919-205-0311
online Google Form:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Cleveland Hollow'een 2015

Unofficial count of Google Fiber chaperones in Cleveland Holloway this year = 5 

Cleveland Hollow'een was an amazing success! We had donated costumes, many many houses handing out candy, and a mostly good time.  

A group of well behaved and incredibly silly children on Primitive St

Can you thaw a frozen heart? 

A holiday for grown ups and children 


Simple and spooky decorations

Teenagers!  She's wearing an infant Superman bib cape while the clown outfit has languished in the costume chest for literally 5 years. 

This little girl was adorable at the park. So shy! 

DEATH! Was surprised by the temperature of the hairspray. 
Beautiful snow queen who added a little glitter bling to her cheek at the park.

This kid has been a different version of the devil for the past 3 years. 

Most adorable supergirl twins ever! We had costumes in just the right sizes for the sisters. 

Ninja - yeah, we can do that. 

Kids hanging out, eating pizza, and getting ready for Halloween. 


Are you cool enough to be a giant box of cereal for Halloween? This kid is. 

More fun at the park. The kids tore through 10 Costco pizzas in 45 minutes.  

My little ones. 

So how much does all of this cost?

Well, we bought 10 Costco pizzas for a total of $108

I spent $71.04 at Kroger buying a case of water bottles,  6 lbs of bananas, 4 discounted scary masks,4 cans of colored hair spray, 4 discounted costumes, 36 glowsticks, 2 boxes of gallon storage bags, and 3 big things of candy.
I also spent $27 at Target buying masks, face tattoos, face paint base, and q-tips,

I've spent about $15 dollars at local thrift stores buying costumes. Spent $30 at a consignment sale buying costumes.

Next year, we'll need to buy pizza, and otherwise have enough from this year returned and remaining to make it another amazing holiday.

Shout outs to volunteers -

  • DENA on Elizabeth painted faces again this year - she's so patient and amazing with the kids. 
  • Susan B over in American Village donated two huge boxes of her kids (who are now adults!) Halloween stuff
  • Tiffany who made, printed, handed out maps 
  • Juan Zarazua who gave $100 to buy costumes for the kids
  • Maureen on Carlton who thrift store shopped for costumes all year
  • Lots of neighbors donating candy, decorating houses, handing out candy, and just generally socializing for the day. 
  • Harris on Cleveland for carting around boxes of costumes for years. Up and down from the attic and putting up with a room of our house taken over for prep each year. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

October Neighborhood Clean-up day!

What a great turn out to our Clean up day! Thanks to neighbors Susan Z, Dena V, and Ashley M for organizing! 
Additional thanks to our neighbors at the First Baptist Church of Durham and the student participants of the Duke Graduate Student Camp out! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

2015-2016 activities and meetings!

Cleveland Holloway neighborhood meeting & veg BBQ, August 2015 (at Rob and Eleni's)

This upcoming year is filled with activities for everyone.  See below and mark your calendars.

Neighborhood events, 2015

  • Oct 31: Halloween in Oakwood park! (Planning committee to meet separately - contact Natalie). 
  • Oct/Nov TBD: Fall cleaning (everywhere) (Planning committee to meet separately - contact Dena).
  • Dec 24: Cider & Caroling (kickoff at Natalie & Harris', 801 Cleveland Street)

Neighborhood meetings & potlucks, 2016

Neighborhood meetings are now held quarterly at rotating homes in the neighborhood.  Each meeting includes a potluck and is at 6:30 PM.

  1. February 15: Neighborhood meeting & potluck at (Kristen/ 602 Holloway)
  2. May 21: Neighborhood meeting & potluck (Keelee/204 N Dillard)
  3. August 28: Neighborhood meeting & potluck/BBQ (Megan & John/401 N Queen St)
  4. Nov 17: Neighborhood meeting & potluck (Stacey & Ben/403 Oakwood)

If you are interested in hosting, contact Eleni. It's a fun way to get to know your neighbors and share your home.

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